A Better Method for Retail Site Selection  

How can you make yourself even more valuable to your retail clients?

SiteMining gives tenant reps the opportunity to very quickly expand the range of services you provide to retailers.

You already excel at working closely with the tenants to find sites which will meet their needs. But, how does the client really know what their needs are? When is the last time they undertook an exhaustive analysis to figure out which factors really do help them succeed?

Traditionally, it can be very time-consuming to conduct those analyses. That’s why many retailers go years between studies of their critical success factors. But if you subscribe to SiteMining, you can do those analyses for them, with unmatched speed and precision.

By providing new services to your retail clients, you can make yourself an even more vital partner in their real estate processes.

Sure, that may not be the kind of thing you ordinarily do for clients. But, that’s just the point. By beginning to provide new services, you can enhance your status as a key component of their real estate process.

As a SiteMining client, you’ll also be able to provide more accurate sales forecasts for the sites you are proposing — and even for sites which aren’t in your territory. You’ll be able to help them analyze their existing stores. And you’ll be able to scout “Where Should We Go Next?” with far greater precision.

The more you can offer your clients, the more work they’ll give you, and the more integrated you can become in their daily decision making. Discover how easy this is to do. Click here to find out more.

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