A Better Method for Retail Site Selection  

Why is SiteMining the ultimate toolbox?

Most retailers already have a system in place for site evaluation and site selection. SiteMining doesn't replace what you do now. Instead, it supplements those practices and helps you do those tasks more efficiently.

SiteMining has over a dozen uses for all members of your real estate department. The best way to understand the variety of uses is to arrange a demonstration in your offices, or over the phone, with a Site Analytics team member.

SiteMining was designed to be very easy to use, even for those who hate computers. It's available 24/7, anywhere in the country. Here are just ten of the issues which SiteMining helps retailer clients resolve within minutes.
SiteMining can be used quickly and easily by all members of your real estate team. The list of issues which SiteMining helps them address is virtually endless.

Evaluate new sites   Is this proposed site going to work for us? What should our sales forecast be? Which of our existing units are most comparable? Will this prove to be a big winner, or a big mistake?

Where Should We Go Next?   Which trade areas are most promising for us? Which ones aren't going to work? Should we expand next into Miami or Atlanta? Philadelphia or Boston?

Solve the demographic puzzles   Are the demographic standards we use really the best possible ones for our concept? Do other factors which we're not even considering influence the success of our stores? Which factors are not-so-important after all?

Refine co-tenant requirements   We look for a handful of key co-tenants, but are we sure those are the right ones? Which crucial co-tenants are we ignoring? Whose wing of the mall should we be in? How much impact does competition really have for us?

Resolve disputes   Should we look for household incomes above $60,000, or is $50,000 high enough? Does Median Age matter for us? Are we better off next to an Office Depot or a Home Depot? Should we put a traditional unit here or an Express unit?

Boost performance at existing stores   District Managers use SiteMining to find out which stores have the potential for higher revenues. It helps them detect problems before it's too late. SiteMining also highlights the stores which are exceeding expectations.

Empower your field staff   They have lots of questions and suggestions, but can't funnel them all through the overworked corporate staff. SiteMining lets them perform their own analyses and share their findings with the whole department.

Convince senior management You know a site is great. And you know what factors are important for your sites. But it’s not always easy to persuade others of what you know. SiteMining produces clear, objective reports to help you make your case convincingly.

Advise franchisees   UFOC guidelines restrict what you can tell them about their likelihood of success for a new store. Let them use SiteMining to evaluate sites and form their own conclusions.

Data warehouse   You have lots of information about your stores. But, it's spread over incompatible databases on different computers around the country. Nobody has access to all they need in one place. SiteMining becomes your always-there, easy-to-use reference library.

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